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  • Waylon Jennings Flying W License Plate

    Jesus might take the wheel, dog may be our co-pilot, but we'd rather have Waylon Jennings on our bumper. This black license plate features a glowing red Flying W symbol...
  • Waylon Jennings Flying W Keychain and Bottle Opener

    Not just a logo, the Flying W symbol is the ultimate symbol of an outlaw. This vintage silver styled zinc Waylon Jennings Flying W symbol keychain even comes with a...
  • What Would Waylon Jennings Do? License Plate Holder

    WWWJD? A question we ask ourselves all the time. Buy this license plate holder? Yes, he probably would. Made of heavy duty plastic with raised letters and two holes drilled...
  • Waylon Jennings Brass Key Necklace

    Jessi Colter holds the key to Waylon's heart but Waylon Jennings holds the key to our hearts. Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter's wedding was on Oct. 26, 1969 and they remained...
  • Waylon Jennings Hangin' Tough Lanyard

    Lanyard strap with Waylon Jennings' Flying W symbol in red and the phrase "Hangin' Tough" emblazoned on both sides in blue and white. Keep all your cards, cash, and access...
  • 22" Waylon Jennings Black Flying W Telecaster Guitar Bandana

    22" x 22" Waylon Jennings Bandana featuring Waylon Jennings' gold Flying W symbol with two of Waylon's famous Telecaster guitars and an ornate leaf border. 100% cotton, reinforced edges, heavy...
  • Waylon Jennings Deadstock Symbol Pendant

    From Waylon Jennings' wife, Jessi Colter's Private Collection, these rare finds will get snatched up quick. Silver necklace pendant with Waylon Jennings' gold Flying W symbol. *Please note: These are...
  • Waylon Jennings Telecaster Guitar Strap

    Play your favorite Waylon Jennings hit songs while sporting this cool replica of Waylon Jennings' famous Telecaster maple leaf chain guitar strap. Made from heavy-duty canvas material with reinforced connectors. Adjustable...
  • Waylon Jennings Symbol Lanyard

    Lanyard strap featuring a print of Waylon Jennings' Flying W symbol in red. Keep all your cards, cash, and access pass in one place. The Waylon Jennings Merch Company works directly...
  • Waylon Jennings Hangin' Tough Belt

    Hang tough at concerts or wherever you go with this sturdy Waylon Jennings belt featuring a red Flying W and the phrase "Hangin' Tough" from Waylon's 1987 album in blue...
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